January 3-5, 2025

Shaumburg, IL

Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center

A GroomTeam USA Sanctioned Event held in conjunction with ‘The Great American Dog Show’

5th Annual Windy City Grooming Show

Previously known as the Whitman’s Grooming Show, the Windy City Grooming Show is presented by Groom Factory and is the first GroomTeam USA Sanctioned Event of the year. The show is held in Conjunction with The Great American Dog Show at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center in Schaumburg, Illinois just outside of Chicago.








Competition Schedule

Fri, Jan. 3rd – 9AM
Wire Coats

Fri, Jan. 3rd – 2PM
All Other Purebreds

Sat, Jan. 4th – 9AM
Sporting / Freestyle

Sat, Jan. 4th – 2PM

Sun, Jan. 5th – 10AM
Extreme Creative

CPR & First Aid Class

This Pettech CPR and First Aid class led by Misty Gieczys will touch on a variety of medical issues to help reduce and eliminate preventable deaths. Students will receive instruction from performing life saving CPR, first aid for minor to major mishaps, first aid kit construction, and even additional handling skills for difficult pets.

ALL THE Details

Prize Breakdown

Wire, All Other Purebreds, Sporting, Salon Freestyle, and Poodle Classes

  • 1st Place- $300
  • 2nd Place- $150
  • 3rd Place- $75
  • Best All Around- $500
  • Best In Show- $1,000

Wire, All Other Purebreds, Sporting, Salon Freestyle, and Poodle Classes

  • 1st Place- $100
  • 2nd Place- $50
  • 3rd Place- $25
  • Best In Show- $500


  • Division A: 1st Place- $1,000
  • Division B: 1st Place- $500

Presented during All Other Purebreds- the “Misty Gieczys Best Kerry Blue Award”

Division Breakdown

There will be two divisions of competition for each class-

Division A: Open to all competitors. Any competitor who does not meet the qualifications for Division B must compete in Division A.

Division B: Restricted to competitors who have NOT won a Best in Show or Best All-Around title from any division at any show, OR six 1st placements from any show. Conformation dog show handlers, breeders or owners who have shown and finished more than 3 champions in their competing breed, judges, and grooming school instructors are prohibited from competing in Division B.

Division B – Extreme Creative: Restricted to competitors who have not won three Creative 1st placements from any show.

What to Expect

Check in at the Great American Dog Show Registration desk at the entrance of the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center. Tell them you are with the Windy City Grooming Show and they will have a list of names of entrants. Each entrant will get two wristbands- one for themself, and one for an assistant. Any other people who wish to enter the grooming show that is not an entrant or assistant will need to pay the entry fee either beforehand at or at the door.

After you have received your wristbands, start making your way towards the entrance to the Great American Dog Show to the right. The Windy City Grooming Show will be to your right, past the Demo Ring, on the far end of the Ballroom. The grooming show is located downstairs due to renovations to the second floor of the convention center. Refer to this map for exact location.

Remember to bring the following:

  • This email (printed or mobile)
  • Valid ID
  • Crate/leash for your dog
  • Shampoo, conditioner, and towels for your dog
  • Table and grooming arm
  • Your grooming equipment including clippers, scissors, grooming loops, brushes and anything else you may need. Flat irons are permitted in the ring, but not hairdryers.

This competition will be held in conjunction with the The Great American Dog Show AKC dog show. Please be respectful of dogs and handlers and be mindful of distracting dogs in the ring.

Bathing- Tubs will be provided, please bring your own shampoo and towels. Dying of dogs is prohibited.
Drying- Tables and two K9 dryers will be provided near the bathing area to dry and prep dogs.
Holding- There will be a holding area provided on the show grounds during the show day. Overnight kenneling is PERMITTED.
Hotel- The attached hotel is dog friendly (pet fee may apply). Book your room here for a discounted rate while rooms are available.
Competition Ring- All competitors must provide their own grooming table and arm for competition. Electric will be provided. Flat irons are permitted, hair dryers are not.

Competition Procedures

Check-in begins one hour prior to the contest start and closes 15 mins before the start. Please check in with the contest coordinator to receive your table assignment and number. You must have a before photo taken.

Judges will come around to confirm you have the right class/division and that you know your time frame. They will make note of any issues with the dog: coat missing, sores, etc.

There will be a MANDATORY BREAK 1 hour into the competition. Dogs must be removed from the grooming area.

At the competition end, clear your table. Keep a comb out for the judge to use to comb through your groom. Light use of styling spray is allowed to keep coat in place and free of static. Extensive spraying and reshaping is prohibited. Stack your dog until the judge is finished evaluating the class. Every competitor must take an after photo once they have been evaluated by the judge.


Irina “Pina” Pinkusevich and Colin Taylor will be Co-Judging Division A & B classes including Wire Coat, All Other Purebred, Sporting, Freestyle, and Poodle. The judges will evaluate grooms based on technical skill, overall balance, adherence to breed profile, level of difficulty, and overall change made in the groom.


Extreme Creative Judging:
xxx will be judging Division A & B in the Extreme Creative competition. Judge will evaluate grooms based on the following:

  • Originality of design and theme being easily recognizable
  • Precision of clipper, scissor and balance
  • Overall color application, depth of color, separation of color and blending
  • Color application prior to and during competition
  • Overall amount of work completed during contest time frame
  • Very Minimum use of glued on accessories- will be asked to show judge during pre-judge what will be glued on
Competition Rules & Requirements

Dogs should have 6 weeks of coat growth. It is understood that some dogs grow at different rates and may require more or less growth time. Enough coat should be present to show a distinct change in appearance. In hand strip dogs, rolling of the coat is permitted. It is to be expected that a less drastic change will be evident but a significant amount of coat should be removed.


  • Dogs should be 1-10 years of age and in general good health, free of disease and parasites.
  • Dogs should show no signs of aggression or nervousness.
  • No dog should be left unattended on the table or bathing area at any time.
  • Dogs must be leashed or crated when not competing.


  • With the exception of Freestyle and Extreme Creative, all dogs should be groomed in breed standard styles with the exception of the poodle that may be groomed in show trim, modern, or German. Terriers and sporting dogs in Division B may be clippered with breed standard profile still the goal with the clippered groom.
  • The use of products such as chalk and hairspray are acceptable if needed to achieve breed profile.
  • Sanitary, paw pads, nails, and ear cleaning should be completed before class start.
  • Chalking of terrier legs is permitted before class start.
  • Poodles: Banding of show top knots is permitted. The bubble cannot be pulled and no hairspray may be applied. Feet must be shaved for the trim to be permissible. Feet may be clippered before the ring. No additional time will be given if they are done during the competition. The face must be shaved during the competition time frame. A small mustache or goatee is permitted.


In-ring Grooming

  • Creative sculpting, color application, character creation and design
  • Groomers demonstrating quality grooming techniques utilizing safe application of color, accessories, and contestant costumes and presentations.
  • Enough coat should be present to show a distinct change in appearance.
  • All products, decorative objects, coat coloring and applications must be safe for the dog and stylist.
  • Glues should be non-toxic and water-soluble

Not Allowed

  • Lifting pet’s natural color
  • Use of duct tape, carpet tape, super glue
  • No other live animals are permitted for use as props
  • Large or heavy objects placed on the pet
  • Pre-banding
  • Spraying or use of any product after scissors down on pet

Final Presentation

  • Not to exceed 6’x6′ space
  • Maximum of 2 assistants may enter the arena for prop set up during the 10 minutes following scissors down
  • Up to three persons may assist in the presentation
  • Contestants have a maximum of two minutes for their presentation
  • Presentation may engage the audience
  • Lights cannot be dimmed during performance
  • Smoke, confetti, streamers or explosive items are strictly prohibited

Competitors will have 2 hours to complete their groom with the exception of the Poodle class and extra large breeds in the Wire and All Other Purebred class (ie: Airedale terrier, Bouvier. etc) which will receive 2.25 hours. *Extreme Creative will have 3 hours.

The poodle class will be divided as follows:

  • Up to 11” – 1.5 hours
  • Over 11” and up to and including 17” – 1.75 hours
  • Over 17” and up to and including 23” – 2 hours
  • Over 23” – 2.25

If competing with a breed that is not listed as receiving additional time, please contact the contest coordinator if you believe more time should be given.

The freestyle class will be judged separately from the previous classes. The class is open to all breeds and mixes provided they are not trimmed to breed standard. The time allotted will be as follows:

  • Up to 11” – 1.5 hours
  • Over 11” and up to and including 17” – 1.75 hours
  • Over 17” and up to and including 23” – 2 hours
  • Over 23” – 2.25

Prohibited in Ring

  • Phones, radios, and earbuds
  • Standing on chairs or tables
  • Coaching
  • Smoking
  • Use of visual or written aids


  • All grooming equipment must be supplied by the competitor including: grooming loops, clippers, scissors, brushes, etc.
  • Grooming table will NOT be provided. Competitor must bring their own
  • Electric will be provided
  • The use of flat irons is permitted in the ring, but not hairdryers


  • Groomers must present themselves in a professional manner to reflect great pride in the industry
  • No open-toed shoes. Grooming smocks/aprons are recommended
  • Maintain a safe styling station
  • Exhibit the proper application of technical skills
  • Show good sportsmanship
  • Exhibit safe handling techniques
  • Carry this conduct outside the ring into the show grounds and hotel


  • The contestant will get a warning or possible DQ for failing to follow show rules
  • It is the judge’s discretion if a cut, nick, or abrasion is a DQ
  • Clarification of any issues on the day of the show will be handled by the judge and show committee

***By signing up for the Windy City Grooming Show competition, this indicates that you have read, understand, and agree to adhere to rules of the contest and GroomTeam USA INC Code of Conduct.

AKC Master Groomer Evaluation

All Competitors are eligible for AKC Master Groomer Evaluation. For more information on this program, visit:

The Misty Gieczy’s Best Kerry Blue Award

Presented during the All Other Purebreds class, the Misty Gieczys’ Best Kerry Blue Award is an award unlike any other. Each year, the winner’s name is added to the trophy. It is truly the ‘Stanley Cup’ of Kerry Blue Terrier grooming!

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